We love taking photographs. And for us, there is no better subject than that of a bride and groom on their wedding day.

It is these moments captured on camera that will become part of your storehouse of memories to be enjoyed in later years by the generations to come. Ben and I love to capture history in the making; your wedding is a milestone. We aim to capture those wonderful moments during your special day which marks your new journey as husband and wife.

A note to the Bride:
Having once been a bride, I have a self-confessed soft spot for all brides. I know what it's like...the look and emotion of your closest and dearest as they release you to begin your new life as a woman, as a wife. As a photographer, I look out for these same things; the expressions that convey love, friendship, support and joy.


~Working as a Team~

Ben and I are a husband and wife team of photographers. As a team we are able to cover more than what a single photographer can. Ben usually jostles with the groom and his entourage while I follow the bride. We both capture family and friends for they are the people your life has been built around.

Ben captures expressions well, while I love details - the gown, the bouquet, the shoes or even the special earrings your mother gave you.

Our two styles combined give you more coverage and more of a feel of the details that came together...for they are the things that you will look back and say your wedding day was indeed perfect.

Please contact us if you have any questions.




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